Graham Gaunt photo-works
Without - End

Without End:

A series of large scale photographs (183 X 125 cm) arranged as dyptychs and one triptych. They combine impressions of the italian landscape and Christian iconography. Land is seen as flowing naturally with time, and is in contrast to the static, timeless quality of the religious images. Some of the landscape images from this series have the appearance of being under-water, the imagery is sometimes quite dark, and appears soft and flowing, the vegetation reminiscent of ocean fauna pulled by the currents. These intangible movements lead in the viewer a sense of displacement which contrasts the ageing and often neglected iconic artifacts, whose imagery is relatively clear and static.

'As the frozen, static moment of the religious icons speak of timelessness, so the fluid, and unsettled moments within the landscapes speak of temporality, process and change. The eternal confronts the ephemeral.' themselves halted within the photographic process.

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C-type prints 183 X 125 cm each image

This work was assisted by Yorkshire Arts & AH Leach. An Eastthorpe Gallery touring exhibition